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Drain Cleaning Tip: Tools the Pros Use

You are probably familiar with the basic homeowner’s kit for unclogging a drain: a hooked wire, a plunger, a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. You’ve may have solved some simple blockages in your drains with these tools before—but there are going to be times when they aren’t enough, and you’ll need a professional plumber to attend to the problem and give the drain a thorough cleaning.

Plumbers often use similar tools to the ones you have, only far more advanced, with superior reach and power. To help you understand the sort of work that goes into professional drain cleaning, we’ll run down some of the tools professional plumbers employ for the job.

In Orlando, FL, drain cleaning experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. have a full assortment of the finest tools available to help get and keep your drain clean. Contact us today when the plunger you bought in the housewares aisle isn’t enough.

  • Mechanized snakes: A snake is a device that is the next step up from a plunger for cleaning clogs. Made of coiled wire that can be cranked, snakes earn their name by snaking down a drain and then corkscrewing into clogs to break them up or pull them out. Simple hand-cranked snakes are commercially available, but professionals use snakes attached to motors that can handle heavier blockages than hand-cranked models. Motorized snakes are also less likely to cause damage to piping than their manual equivalents.
  • Water jetting machines: Sometimes, a clog needs to be blasted to clear it. A powerful hydro-jet that channels high water pressure through the pipes will not only remove clogs, but also clean out the entire pipe.

Handling large plumbing jobs often requires working with potentially dangerous equipment. Even though some of these professional tools are available for anyone to buy, they are not only expensive but also require expert training to handle correctly and safely. You don’t want to damage your pipes or injure yourself trying to fix a problem when a professional plumber can do it without risk. For Orlando drain cleaning that will get the job done correctly, contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

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