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Gas Piping and Gas Appliance Installation: Why You Need Professionals for These Jobs

One of the services that we offer to our customers in the Orlando area is the installation of new gas piping and gas appliances, plus repair service for broken gas pipes. Most people think that “plumbing” only applies to water and sewer lines, but working on gas pipes is an important part of the job as well… at least for us, it is.

It’s important that you ­only call on licensed professionals, such as out plumbers, when you want to expand your home’s gas lines to make better use of the advantages of natural gas, or when you plan to have a new appliance like a gas range or a natural gas furnace put in. There are a number of reasons for this:

ONE: It’s probably illegal to have an unlicensed person do the work

For reasons we’ll go into below, in most jurisdictions it is simply against the law for any person who is not specifically licensed for the work to install or repair a line connected to a gas main. It’s a matter of both your safety and the safety of the neighborhood. Stay within the law and never try this work yourself or allow an enthusiastic amateur to attempt it.

TWO: It can be dangerous

Natural gas is highly combustible. That’s why it works so well for stoves, ovens, and furnaces. But anything that combustible poses a significant danger for somebody who isn’t familiar with how to work with it. You not only risk hazards from explosions, but also slow leaks of toxic gases into your house if you leave this work to amateurs.

THREE: Mistakes can be costly

And we don’t just mean costly in the sense of health hazards (although those should be enough!). You’re scheduling these installations in order to benefit from the lower cost of natural gas and the power that it supplies, and slipshod work will mean losing most of these benefits.

Make everything easier for yourself: call gas piping experts first!

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. offers licensed plumbers for your gas piping needs in Orlando, FL.

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