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Commercial Water Treatment Systems

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Having a clean and safe water supply is a priority for commercial property owners in the Orlando, FL area. Contaminants from groundwater, debris, and some harmful particles that are not filtered by the municipal filtration systems can eventually end up in your fresh water supply. To ensure the health and safety of your employees and your customers, you may want to consider installing a full water treatment system. We can provide the services you need for your commercial water treatment system.

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Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. offers a wide selection of commercial water treatment products and installation services for commercial businesses. From complete water filtration to water purifiers and water softeners, we can take care of any of the clean water needs for your business.

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Common Water Pollutants

Before installing a water treatment system, our certified plumbers will test your water for contaminants. Because all water filters target different pollutants, this test helps us choose the right treatment for your drinking water. Our plumbers check the acidity of the water and then test for nitrates, lead, bacteria, sulfur, and sediment build up. We will also inspect your pipes to make sure that the pipes are not contributing to the sediment deposits in your clean water supply.

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Once our qualified water treatment experts determine the quality of your water, we will discuss the water treatment options for your place of business. We know that cost–effectiveness is important to our commercial customers, so we want to make sure you get the most affordable water softening and filtration system for your business.

Commercial Water Filtration

Depending on the level of filtration needed for your water, you may have a variety of sizes and types of systems to choose from. There are also different systems for the water entering your faucets and the water going to other fixtures and appliances. Installing tap water filters below sinks or attached to the tap is an effective way to filter drinking water, but if you want complete protection for all the water used in your commercial building, you may want to consider other options.

You can also install a single filtration unit at the source of the fresh water supply for your building. This will prevent water discoloration and eliminate strong odors caused from sulfur or other contaminants. If you are thinking about installing a water filtration system in your place of business, give us a call today. We are happy to answer any questions and offer our expert advice.

Commercial Water Softeners

Water softeners work differently than water filters since they are mostly used to treat hard water. Signs of hard water include:

  • Residue or scaly deposits on water fixtures
  • Increased energy bills
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Water discoloration
  • Residue on skin and hair after showering or bathing

Some water softeners reduce the hardness of water by replacing the minerals that cause hard water with sodium or potassium salts. If you have hard water in your commercial building, using salt softeners may be your best choice. However, if there are lower levels, you can use other water softening treatments that use a system of positively charged ions to attract the hard minerals and flush them out of your clean water supply. Having your water tested is the first step in determining what filtration softener is best for your place of business, so call us today to speak to one of our experts.

Commercial Water Purification Specialists

At MPI, our certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to take care of any of your commercial water treatment needs. We are dedicated to providing the best commercial water treatment products in the Orlando metropolitan area, and our comprehensive water testing and filtration services will ensure the cleanliness of your water. Call us now for the most reliable and effective water treatment services in the business.

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