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Importance of Water Quality Testing

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If you suspect there is a problem in the quality of your water supply, the first thing to do is have it tested for potential contaminants. Without proper testing, it’s impossible to know what you’re up against, making it harder to determine which type of filter or treatment system is needed. Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. can perform a water test and help pair you with the right water treatment system for your home needs.

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You can come to us at any time for information regarding the importance of water testing. Our Orlando area plumbers are skilled in all aspects of water filtration and treatment and will provide the knowledge and services you need to clean up your water supply once and for all.

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Orlando Residents: Water Quality Issues

Not every water system needs treatment or testing. However, there will often be signs that your system is compromised by outside contaminants or is introducing them itself. The following warning signs will help you determine when it’s time to test:

  • Discolored Fixtures – If you notice redness or yellowing around your fixtures it’s a sign of high levels of metals like iron or lead. Corrosion is a bad sign, as it means there are other potential contaminants in your water supply.
  • Unsavory Smells or Tastes – There should be no smells or tastes to your water. Anything out of the ordinary is likely a sign of pH imbalance or excess salinity.
  • Illness in Your Family – If people start getting sick for no reason, it may be a sign of contaminants in your water. It may not even affect the people in your household as much as it does your pets. Watch for unexplained illness with lethargy or even vomiting.
  • Knowledge of Old Parts – If you know your plumbing is old and may contain lead pipes or corroded iron, you should have your water tested immediately. The possible presence of lead in your water is alarming, especially if you have small children.

Don’t wait until you notice a problem to act – look into water testing now and ensure everyone in your home is safe.

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Types of Water Tests

You should get your water tested regularly – at least once every year or two – for things like pH imbalance, high levels of bacteria, and TDS levels. If you recently had renovations completed on your home, even if plumbing wasn’t involved, you should have your water retested just in case something came loose or got into the water supply while work was being done.

While metal levels won’t sharply increase very often, they should still be tested for at least every three years. Things like chlorides, nitrates, and arsenic tend to enter the water supply from outside your plumbing system and can build up over time. If you have children, have your water tested even more often. Nitrates are a particular risk for infants because their bodies are so small. Their digestive track is also ill equipped to deal with nitrate contaminants which can cause a number of diseases and chronic illnesses.

Water testing is one of the most important things you can do for your family, so whatever you do, don’t put it off. Learning whether your water is safe to drink and clean with is an important first step when you are trying to ensure the safety and comfort of your family. We recommend you purchase a homeowner water testing kit, and then call MPI with your results. You will learn how we provide expert water treatment for customers across the Orlando area. Whether you have a question about your water system or a recent test, we’ll respond quickly. We want you to be able to trust every drop of water that comes out of your faucet.


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