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Losing Water Pressure in Your Building? You May Need Booster Pump Repairs!

Most commercial building depend on indoor plumbing in some fashion, whether for the bathrooms or as an essential part of running a food service company. You probably don’t know much about how the plumbing in your commercial building operates, which is understandable since this is a highly specialized field of plumbing that require years of training. You’re probably not aware of a device called the booster pump, but for companies that use a high volume of water or have multiple floors in their buildings, this is a key device for keeping up water pressure throughout the plumbing. Buildings with four or more floors will probably require more than one booster pump.

If you’ve noticed a decline in the water pressure in your building, then you may need to have commercial plumbers repair the booster pump. (Don’t jump to this conclusion, however. Call the plumbers and let them determine where the problem is. Sometimes the issue is municipal.)

What’s wrong with the booster pump?

Although booster pumps are built to be durable—like most commercial plumbing devices—there are still many ways that one could fail. Basic mechanical problems in the pump due to stress are the most likely issue. These problems are more likely to occur when there is hard water coming in from the municipal supply. The pump can also develop leaks, which not only need to be fixed to restore water pressure, but also to prevent water damage in your building.

Most boost pumper problems are fast and simple for professionals to fix… provided that they get there in time for the repairs. This is why it’s critical that you don’t wait to call commercial plumbers whenever you notice that water pressure in the building is dropping.

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