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Do You Have Tips for How to Do Drain Cleaning on My Own?

You want to have the drains in your home thoroughly cleaned… not just to get rid of a single nuisance clog, but to have the drainpipe’s interior cleansed so that you’ll have fewer problems in the future and your plumbing will work at its best. That’s commendable, and we wish that more people scheduled routine drain cleaning for their homes.

However, you’re interested in doing this task yourself. Maybe set aside half a day, put on some long yellow kitchen gloves, and really put some hard work into cleaning those drains. We have an excellent tip for how you can do this:

The best tip for cleaning your drains yourself

Take off the yellow gloves before dialing the phone number of a professional drain cleaning service. It’s easier to hit the numbers on the phone display that way.

In other words, you can’t do this job yourself

A thorough drain cleaning job takes two things that you don’t have (unless you’re a professional plumber): First, advanced equipment. Second, the training to use that equipment correctly.

Effective drain cleaning requires professional devices such as motorized drain snakes and hydro-jetters. Standard store-bought drain snakes are decent for removing minor clogs, but they only go down into sink drainpipes a short distance and won’t perform the deep-cleaning that you need. As for hydro-jetters, they are simply too expensive for consumers to purchase, and can be dangerous if used without proper training.

You also cannot resort to using liquid drain cleaners for the job. In fact, you shouldn’t even use these highly caustic chemicals to remove a regular clog. These so-called cleaners can severely damage the interior of pipes and will only do an incomplete job of removing build-up along the pipe walls.

When you call on professional drain cleaning services, the job will get done thoroughly and quickly, without doing any damage to your pipes.

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