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The Benefits of Hydro-Jetting for Your Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a job that you’ll need either to deal with an obstinate clog or as a routine maintenance service that will keep the drains in good shape, reducing those obstinate clogs to a minimum. But drain cleaning isn’t a job that you can take on as a DIY project. You can use a sink plunger or simple hand-crank drain auger (drain snake) to clear out easy clogs, but these tools won’t actually clean the drains. They leave behind the debris and build-up on the drain walls that led to the clogging in the first place. If you want clogging and slow drains beaten at the source, you need to call professionals to do the drain cleaning.

(No, you can’t use liquid drain cleaners. Here are 4 reasons why.)

The hydro-jetting advantages

Our favorite tool for residential drain cleaning is the hydro-jetter. These devices keep water under immense pressure and then shoot out the water in blasts along the inside of the pipes. A nozzle at the end of a long hose sprays the water in multiple directions, and this scours the pipe’s interior without damaging it. Here’s why this is a beneficial process:

  • Thorough cleaning: The powerful scouring action of a hydro-jetter will dislodge all the debris and build-up, organic and inorganic, from inside a drainpipe. You’ll end up with a pipe that’s in almost-new condition—which means it will be much harder for clogging to return.
  • Won’t harm the pipes: Chemical drain cleaners can cause significant damage to the interior of pipes, but water won’t. There is some potential for the high pressure blasts to cut through metal, but this won’t happen with a trained expert handling the job.
  • Takes care of any clog: No matter what type of clog you have, no matter how thick, a hydro-jetter can blast through it.

Call our plumbers today to arrange for your drain cleaning with hydro-jetting.

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