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Watch Out for These Warnings Your Toilet Needs Repairs

Did you know that the toilets in your household account for, on average, 40% of your home’s indoor water use each year? Yes, that’s a lot! Most people assume that the shower might be the major source of water use, but the amount of water used per flush in toilets add up fast. This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend homeowners install low-flow toilets and other fixtures.

We bring this up as a reminder of how important the toilet is to your home’s plumbing. Yes, its function is vital, but it also uses immense amounts of water. Any time there’s a plumbing issue with a toilet, it needs to be resolved ASAP! And often, those problems can be tough to detect—or easy to ignore. Below we’ve put together a list of some signs your toilet may need repairs. Contact our plumbers for the work.

Leaking (of any kind)

This is important to know: any level of leaking around a total is a problem. There is no such thing as a “minor” leak when it comes to this part of your plumbing! There are multiple possibilities for where the leak is coming from. It could be worn down gaskets between the tank and bowl, a loose feed line, or cracks along the porcelain. But never take chances! A plumber will find the source and a way to fix it.

Weak flushing power

A toilet that takes more than one flush to finish its job isn’t just wasting water; it might have problems with water pressure or hard water deposits clogging the jets—among other possibilities. Don’t just “settle” with this issue. You need to have it repaired!

Gurgling noises from tub/shower drain and sink drain

Here’s something that might seem strange to you when it happens: the toilet flushes, and then you hear gurgling and suction noises from the nearby drains in the sink and tub/shower. You may shrug this off, but these are warnings that the toilet vents are clogged. Instead of letting sewer gas escape up through openings in the roof, this will force the sewer gas up the pipes of other fixtures, which is why you hear that sound. Get plumbers on this right away!

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