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Can Drain Cleaning Improve Your Kitchen?

The kitchen sink is a key component of your plumbing system, as it’s where you get some of the most important home tasks completed throughout the day. Whether it’s filling up a glass of drinking water, a pot for boiling water, or a bucket for mopping, you’d be lost without a working sink. And in order for your kitchen sink to work, you also need a functional draining system so that wastewater doesn’t pool in your sink and so that sewage backup doesn’t occur in other areas of your home. Maintain your kitchen sink by scheduling annual drain cleaning, the benefits of which are outlined below.

Remove Clogs

Professional drain cleaning is simply the best way to ensure common kitchen clogs are eliminated from the pipes for good. A drain clog is more than an annoyance; it’s also a health hazard if wastewater pools in the sink or dishwasher or if sewage backs up through a drain. And the only safe method of clog removal at home is a plunger. If you attempt to clean your drains with a chemical drain cleaner, it could actually damage the pipes, and it’s toxic for humans as it risks injuring to the skin and eyes. You may be able to purchase a small drain snake at the local hardware store, but you risk pushing the clog further along into the drain. Professionals can inspect the pipes to ensure the blockage is entirely eliminated after cleaning.

Prevent F.O.G. from Causing Future Clogs

F.O.G. stands for fats oils, and grease, and it’s one of the biggest threats out there to your plumbing system. These substances seem relatively harmless, which is why many people end up dumping them down the drain after food is fried or when they need to dispose of leftover grease or oil after meal preparation. However, these solidify when they cool, and then they may stick to the lining of the pipes, until debris and dirt continues to latch on leading to major drain clogs in the future.

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