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What Makes Hydro-Jetting a Great Choice for Drain Cleaning?

There are a number of options available for cleaning the drains in a house—whether it’s to remove an obstinate clog or as part of regular plumbing maintenance—and they aren’t all equal. In fact, a few of them are actually harmful for drains, such as using store-bought bottles of chemicals that are advertised as “drain cleaners.” These caustic chemicals don’t really clean drains, since they will leave behind heavy clumps of the material that creates blockages and often won’t break through heavy clogs. Worse, they can potentially damage your drainpipes.

When professionals perform drain cleaning, they use a number of superior, commercial-grade tools to see that the job is done thoroughly and correctly. Hydro-jetting is one of the best of these methods. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Comprehensive cleaning: A hydro-jetter blasts out high pressure water in a 360° spray to completely affect all parts of the drainpipe. This ensures that no build-up or debris escapes, and the pipe interior is returned to like-new state.
  • No chemicals: Hydro-jetting uses no chemicals that will sit inside your drains and eat away at their material. It only uses water—the most natural thing that can go into your drains!
  • Prevents future clogs: The thoroughness of hydro-jetting does much more than break through clogs. Because it takes away all the debris and accumulations of fat and calcium, it makes it harder for clogging to return. Routine drain cleaning with a hydro-jetter will make clogs a rare occurrence indeed!

Hydro-jetting should only be done by professionals. Not only is the equipment too expensive for consumer use, but it is potentially dangerous in untrained hands. Hydro-jetting pros will make sure that you receive the best drain cleaning possible without any safety concerns.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. offers excellent drain cleaning in Winter Springs, FL, including hydro-jetting services. Call us today to schedule your regular drain cleaning.

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