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When Should I Schedule Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is a service that we strongly recommend homeowners schedule on a regular basis. If you have annual drain cleaning done as part of a general plumbing maintenance visit, it will do wonders for how well your plumbing system works in general. You’ll encounter almost no clogs or slow drains during the year, and the care given to the drainpipes will also help the piping material to last longer. It will also mitigate issues involving hard water.

So that’s part of the answer to the question: You should schedule drain cleaning once a year. If you haven’t arranged for routine cleaning before, you can start right now!

Drain cleaning is also a job you’ll need done when your plumbing starts to give off warning signs that it’s developing too much build-up. Watch for these warning signs that your drains are due to be cleaned before they start to cause larger problems:

  • Drain flies: These are small insects, also known as sink flies and moth flies, that are the size of gnats. They will start to appear around drains that contain a large amount of organic clogging. (The feed on the bacteria.)
  • Bad smells from the drains: Rotten odors and sewer-like smells from the drains can indicate either a developing back up in the sewer line, or the rotting of excess organic materials.
  • Numerous clogs: You shouldn’t need to reach for a plunger every few days to unclog a stopped sink or slow drain. (And don’t pour any chemical “drain cleaner” into the drains, as this is an ineffective way to clear out clogs and can also cause long-term damage to the pipes.)

Professional drain cleaning involves the thorough, but safe, scouring of the interior pipes using powerful hydro-jetting. You can count on our experienced plumbers to use the finest equipment to see that you have the best possible drain cleaning!

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