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Why Are My Drains Making Gurgling Sounds?

water-down-drainWhen you pour water down any drain of your house, you’ll expect to hear nothing more than a swish as it vanishes down the drainpipe. But if you hear a gurgling noise soon after, like someone blowing air through a straw into a glass of water, you may wonder if it means anything is wrong.

You’re right to feel concern. A gurgling drain can mean a minor issue, but it could also warn of much larger plumbing troubles. To find out for certain what needs to be done, call a licensed plumber in Altamonte Springs, FL to look into the mystery of the gurgling drains.

Why You May Have Gurgling Drains

A drain that gives off an occasional bubbling sound isn’t something to worry about. Air bubbles get into the water all the time. If the sound is persistent, however, it can mean any of the following.

A deep drain clog

The gurgling sound might be a warning there’s a full clog deep in the drain line. Not enough water has built up yet to send it out of the drain, but that’s probably coming. The reason for the gurgling is the clog releasing pockets of air up into the water above it. You probably won’t be able to affect this clog with a plunger or reach it with a store-bought drain snake, so let a plumber take care of it.

Blocked drain vents

To prevent a build-up a sewer gas inside drainpipes and the sewer line, drains have vents that open up onto the top of the house. If these vents become clogged, which can happen because of bird nests or debris blown onto the roof, it forces the sewer gas to escape through the next best passage—in this case, through the water in the p-trap of the drains, creating the gurgling noise. Don’t go up to the roof to attempt to clear out the vents! You want experienced pros to for this.

Major sewer line problems

Are the drains all around your house gurgling? If so, then there’s probably a serious problem with the sewer line connecting your home to the municipal sewer pipe. Blockage in this line will cause a backup of sewer gas that will travel up through the p-trap. It won’t be long before actual sewage backs up into the house, usually in the lowest parts first. Eliminating sewer line clogs requires using powerful hydro-jetters to scour out the length of the pipeline.

Another potential, even more damaging problem is if the sewer line has broken. This can happen in older homes (built before 1970) which have sewer lines made from galvanized steel, iron, or even clay. These materials deteriorate and can develop leaks or even breaks. We recommend having the pipe completely replaced if it’s made from one of these outdated materials. A copper pipe can often be repaired. We offer both sewer line repair and replacement services, and we’ll make sure you have the right job done.

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