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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hydro-Jetting

The hydro-jet: a plumber’s favorite tool. You may have heard of it before, especially if you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, but in case you haven’t, we’ll tell you all about it!

Basically, a hydro-jet is a motorized device that was first invented in the 1950s. It uses highly-pressurized water to scour the inside of your drain pipes, blasting away debris that may be in there.

Though this sounds quite simple in theory, many homeowners still have a lot of questions about this device and about how it’ll benefit them. So for your convenience, we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions about hydro-jetting for you below. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more.


1. Is hydro-jetting better than using a drain snake?

In most cases, yes. A drain snake is an effective tool for breaking apart individual clogs and doing the job quickly. But a drain snake doesn’t provide the same complete coverage and cleaning that a hydro-jet does. A good hydro-jetting job will remove almost all debris from throughout a pipe, not only a small section, which makes it difficult for clogs to start again.

2. Can I perform hydro-jetting on my own?

No. The equipment is too expensive for consumer use. It can also be dangerous in untrained hands. Always call on a professional plumber for hydro-jetting services.

3. How high is the pressure in a hydro-jetter?

Different hydro-jets have different pressures; the plumber must match the pressure to the particular cleaning needs. For example, commercial hydro-jets have much stronger pressure, but this might cause damage to pipes in a home. The standard residential hydro-jet uses 4000 psi (pounds per square inch).

4. Will hydro-jetting damage plastic pipes?

It can if the hose is left sitting inside the pipe in the same space for too long. However, a 4000 psi hydro-jetter in the hands of a professional won’t cause problems for plastic pipes! So, basically, you’ve got nothing to fear!

5. When do I schedule hydro-jetting services?

The best thing about hydro-jetting is that it can be used proactively and reactively. So, not only can it be used to clear existing clogs, but it can also be used to prevent them from forming in the first place! Ask your local Sanford plumber about using the hydro-jet as part of your annual maintenance services.

Hire a Professional

We can not stress enough the importance of hiring a professional plumber to handle all of your drain cleaning needs. Trust us, using a hydro-jet properly takes years of training and experience, so we do not recommend hiring just any amateur for the job, even if they are offering service for a cheaper price.

And remember, if you have any more questions about the benefits of hydro-jetting, do not hesitate to ask! Your plumber will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

To learn more about the benefits of hydro-jetting, or to set up an appointment, contact the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today!

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