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Here’s How Video Camera Inspection Can Help You

running-faucetWhen you have your house constructed, the civil engineer does a fantastic job of ensuring all the piping remains hidden behind walls or under the floor.

Nobody wants their guests to see the unsightly appearance of their home’s plumbing. As good as that may make your home look, it also creates a problem when there is a leak.

If there are any obvious leaks from water fixtures, you can easily detect them. However, most of your plumbing is hidden away and out of sight. It can be impossible to detect a leak unless you see any damage it causes to the walls or floors. Most leaks can go undetected for a long time.

If you schedule video camera inspection services in Orlando, FL, every once in a while, you can avoid incurring the cost of fixing long-term damage caused by leaks that remain unnoticed. Learn about how video camera inspection can help you keep your plumbing system healthy.

How Video Camera Inspection Works

Video camera inspection for your plumbing essentially relies on the use of specialized and waterproof cameras attached to a flexible rod. The camera provides your plumbing technician with a live feed of what is going on inside the drain and sewer pipes. The well-trained expert inserts these cameras into the system to traverse the plumbing and detect any pipeline faults.

What You Can Expect from Video Camera Inspection

When an expert uses a video camera to inspect your plumbing for damages, you get several benefits over a traditional inspection:

  • A video camera inspection can reach all the tightest spots and remote corners of the plumbing.
  • Video camera inspection eliminates the need for tearing down walls and floors to pinpoint the source of leaks.
  • The service saves you a substantial amount of money compared to traditional inspection.
  • Video camera inspection can take a lot less time to detect the potential problems.
  • It helps minimize the cost of repairs by identifying the problematic area that the plumber needs to focus on.

Issues that Video Camera Inspection Can Detect

Video camera inspection can detect several issues that can otherwise go unnoticed, including:

  • Tree root intrusions: This can be one of the most challenging plumbing problems you can face, but you cannot find out about it without video inspection.
  • Sewer line damage: Detecting sewer line damage can be guesswork if you cannot see exactly what the problem is. Video camera inspection can quickly pinpoint any areas that require repairs.
  • Clogged drains: Is the water draining slowly, and you’ve tried all kinds of drain cleaning products to no avail? A video camera inspection can identify where the problem is and help the plumber resolve it.
  • Pipe bellying: Pipe bellying is the name given to a problem that happens when a pipe begins to sag in the middle. It results in a recession that can accumulate and waste water, cause clogging, and other issues. You cannot detect it unless you get a video camera in there.

Hire the Right Company

Video camera inspection provides you with several advantages over using traditional inspection. However, not everybody can do a great job of it. You need expert training, specialized equipment, and experience to identify the problems. That is where we come in.

At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., you can rely on a team of expert professionals who use the latest in plumbing technology to provide you guaranteed satisfaction.

Contact the team at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today.

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