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How Do Professional Plumbers Do Whole-House Repiping?

Homes built before 1970 often have pipes made of outdated material, such as galvanized steel. These types of pipes tend to corrode after 40 years of service. If you’ve already started to notice an increase in leak problems and the need for frequent plumbing repairs, then it’s time to stop fixing the symptoms and fix the cause: call our plumbers to schedule whole-house repiping. We’ll replace your old pipes with copper, PEX, and CPVC pipes that will give you a better overall plumbing system.

How Whole-House Repiping Is Done

Repiping sounds like a big job, and it is. But when you have licensed plumbers with years of experience at your service, you can expect the work to go smoothly and quickly.

The plumbers first shut off the water so they can work. They’ll schedule this shut-off so it will last a short time and be turned back on at the end of each day of work. The plumbers will then locate the pipes to be replaced using the same devices they use for leak detection. Precisely locating the pipes makes the next stage easier, which is excavating to reach the old pipes with as little disruption to building material as possible. For example, to access pipes down in the floors, plumbers will approach from the ceiling below to avoid having to pull up floorboards.

The actual replacing of the old pipes requires the plumbers make informed decisions about what type of new materials to use. Copper works best for main lines, while more flexible PEX and CPVC plastic serve better in tight places and for hot water lines.

After the pipes are replaced, the plumbers restore and resurface the affected areas. This patching and re-texturing aims to disguise the work that was done, so you’ll have your home looking much as it did before—only with much stronger pipes hidden below the surface.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has served Orlando, FL for more than 40 years. Call us to arrange for your whole-house repiping.

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