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Some Signs to Tell You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Toilet

The bathroom toilet is about as essential as a home plumbing fixtures can get. Your toiler receives daily use and you probably don’t expend much other thought it. In fact, it’s easy to assume that a toilet will simply go on performing its useful function, day after day, with only a few occasional repair problems.

However, a toilet can sustain damage and wear down to the point that it is better to have it replaced than to continue with fixing it. You should always call a professional plumber when it’s time to do this job. (And consider having a low-flow model put in, which can significantly reduce your water bills.)

Here are a few signs that will warn you that it’s time to replace that old toilet:

  • Cracked porcelain: If you detect a hairline crack on the tank or the bowl of the toilet, don’t ignore it. This indicates strain on the porcelain, and a minor crack can soon turn into a major leak. Cracks aren’t something that can be repaired: you must either have the bowl replaced or replace the entire toilet. Remember that even a small water leak can do immense damage to the floor and eventually ruin it.
  • Constant clogs: Does it seem that you have to use a plunger to unclog the toilet at least once a week? If this is happening—even though you’re careful not to place items down the toilet that encourage clogs—then you should consult with a plumber about replacing it.
  • Numerous repairs: Have you made many arrangements to repair deteriorating parts of the toilet, such as the flapper, the gaskets, and the fill valve? Add up the cost of those repairs and weigh it against getting a new toilet. You may find out that a new toilet is the better long-term option.

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