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What Material Should I Use for My Pipe Replacements?

You have concerns about aging pipes in your home, probably because plumbing troubles like leaks are becoming more common. It’s time to arrange to have the pipes replaced—either a few damaged pipes or all the pipes serving the house.

But what type of piping material should you choose to take the place of your older galvanized steel and iron pipes?

We have some good news: you don’t really need to worry about making this choice. This is one of the reasons to hire skilled, licensed plumbers. Not only does pipe replacement require training and special equipment to handle properly, but professionals alone can help make the right decision about what current materials are best for the new pipes. In most cases, plumbers will use a variety of different material to fill particular functions.

Some pipe material options your plumbers will consider

We’ll look at a few of the most common pipe materials for replacements that plumbers use to give you an idea of the options.

Copper is the most popular metal in use today; it has completely replaced steel and iron pipes. Copper is rust-resistant, lightweight, a flexible enough to avoid easy breaking. You can expect copper pipes to outlast any other metal.

Plastic pipes are now a crucial part of plumbing systems, and the chemical composition of these pipes is constantly evolving to be more durable and effective. Today, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) plastic are the materials that most plumbers favor, with some leaning toward one or the other. CPVC pipes are an excellent choice for hot water lines because of their heat-resistance properties. PEX pipes work well for drinking water lines because they won’t corrode, and can last for more than 50 years.

Trust to your licensed and experienced plumber to find the ideal new pipes for your pipe replacement project.

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