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When the Toilet Won’t Stop Running

One of the bathroom plumbing problems that homeowners run into the most often (after sink and shower clogs) is a toilet that continues to run long after flushing. Normally, a toilet only runs water long enough to re-fill its bowl with the water from the tank. As fresh water enters the tank, a mechanism eventually shuts off the water flow and the toilet stops running. But sometimes something can go wrong and the toilet will continue to allow water to move from the tank to the bowl and from the feed line to the tank. This is a major waste of water, and something you want repaired as soon as possible.

Why a toilet might run continuously

There are a number of possible reasons for this issue. The float ball that registers the level of water in the tank and shuts off the running water might be broken, or its chain caught on something. This is an easy fix to take care of, although you may need a plumber to make the necessary parts replacements.

Another common cause is a leaky flush valve. Although you can jiggle the handle sometimes to fix this, it is only a temporary fix. The valve will eventually need a replacement.

There’s also the possibility that there is a leak between the gasket that connects the tank and the bowl. This means that water is continuously moving out of the tank and forcing the toilet to keep filling the tank. If you notice water around that base of the toilet as it is running, this is the likely problem. You must have any type of toilet leak fixed immediately, so contact a professional plumber right away for the repair work.

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