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Are There Times When a Tank Water Heater Is the Best Choice?

We install high quality tankless water heaters for homes, and we strongly recommend that anyone who is planning on putting in a water heater give serious consideration to a tankless system. Compared to a storage tank water heater, a tankless water heater save space, consumes less energy, and lasts longer.

But does that mean that a tankless water heater is always the best choice for a new water heater installation? Not necessarily. Every home has different needs, every household different budget plans, and these affect the type of water heater that will best serve it.

Why a Tank Water Heater Is Sometimes a Good Choice

In general, a tankless water heater offers more advantages than a storage tank model. But tank water heaters are less expensive to install, and this can make a major difference for some homes. A tankless system saves money over its service life, but a new tank water heater can have much better energy efficiency than an older model. Going with a tank water heater won’t save as much money as a tankless one, but it will save money—and it costs less initially.

Speaking of energy efficiency, a tankless water heater can suffer from an efficiency drop if there are multiple taps on at once in the house. A tankless system will continually heat up more water, so there’s no supply it can deplete. But it can be overwhelmed. If your house often has multiple taps on at once, such as during the morning, then a tank water heater may be the better option.

The best route to finding a water heater that works ideally for your home and budget is to talk to plumbing professionals. Simply contact our office and arrange for an appointment with our water heater experts. They’ll see you get the right installation.

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