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Water Heater Repair in Orlando, FL by Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

Your water heater can go a long time without encountering any problems, but when it does, you want repairs done quickly. The water heater repair specialists at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. can get your unit back up and running whenever you notice issues with your system. Call us for any service you may need for many different makes and models, including tank, tankless, hybrid, and solar water heaters. We will thoroughly inspect your system and work quickly to complete repairs so that hot water is restored to your home in Orlando, FL fast.

Some Common Water Heater Issues

There are a few different reasons your water heater may run into problems. No matter what type of hot water issue you are dealing with in Orlando, FL, the Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. team can help. Take a look at some of the problems we handle most often.

No Hot Water
Of course, if there is no hot water in your home, you know to call for repairs. There may be any of several issues with your water heater, although it likely has to do with the ignition system. This could be due to a lack of power or gas flow or a faulty heating element.
Lack of Hot Water
When hot water seems scarce or if you only receive intermittent bursts of hot water from your sink or shower, there could be an issue with a heating element or a broken dip tube—a simple repair to make if you are a trained plumber.
Loud Noises
If there are loud rumbling noises in your tank, your technician may flush the tank to rid it of any mineral deposits.
Worn Anode Rod
The anode rod is a component that keeps the water heater tank from rusting and eventually corroding. This rod attracts corrosion to protect the inside of your tank, but it must be replaced every now and again.
Leaky System
If a water heater is leaking, there could be an issue with the temperature and pressure relief valve. However, if the leaking comes from the tank itself, the tank may have corroded, a problem which requires replacement.

Choose Professionals for Water Heater Repairs

We recommend that you do not attempt any water heater repair on your own. Your plumber can most likely fix your broken water heater much faster than you could yourself. Besides, amateur repairs could result in damage to the system or water leaking into the home. It could also lead to accidental injury or a potential gas leak. If you are searching for a plumbing expert in the Orlando, FL area, you can count on the professionals at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc..

Call the Water Heater Repair Specialists in Orlando, FL

If you need water heater repair in Orlando, FL, the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. can provide you with fast service, quality repairs, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our work, so you can always expect a job done well and friendly customer service. Get in touch with one of our skilled team members today, and ask about our 24–hour emergency services if you’re experiencing a major problem.

Proudly Serving Central Florida Since 1975