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10 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems and What to Do


If you own a commercial property, one of the things you absolutely want to avoid is water damage. It’s costly and unsanitary, and it can bring your business grinding to a halt.

What if you do encounter an alarming plumbing problem in your commercial building? Here are our recommendations.

1: Water Waste

If your water usage is higher than you expect, an expert in commercial plumbing in Orlando can help to track down where that water’s going and whether you have a leak. They can also recommend low-flow fixtures that reduce water use dramatically.

2: Leaking Fixtures

Wear and tear at faucets can lead to minor leaks, and those drops add up. Ten drips a minute will use 500 gallons of water in a year! Having fixtures tightened helps immensely.

3: Worn Connections

The most vulnerable points in your plumbing are not the pipes themselves, but the places where pipes are connected. If these connection s wear out, a prompt replacement can save you from major water damage.

4: Broken Pipes

This is less common, but it does occur. If you suspect that a pipe has broken, turn off the water to that part of the building if you can, and call a plumber immediately.

5: Slow Drains

If this occurs throughout your building, it may be a system-wide issue that only a professional plumber can diagnose and treat. Video pipe inspection to pinpoint issues or hydro jetting to clear the whole drain system may be called for.

6: Blocked Sinks

If a single drain is blocked, you can try using a sink plunger or hand-cranked drain snake to sort it out. If that doesn’t work, a plumber’s tools are much more effective, such as a motorized auger that is like a superpowered version of your drain snake.

7: Clogged Toilets

This is one of the most distressing problems a property owner can face. If there’s any risk of overflow, shut off the water to the toilet immediately. A plumber can sort out the immediate problem as well as make recommendations for how to reduce the risk that it will happen again.

8: Water Heater Issues

There are strict legal requirements about hot water temperatures in commercial buildings and even stricter ones for buildings that contain food service establishments. If your water heater is leaving something to be desired, a plumber is the person for the job.

9: Expansion of Plumbing

If you’re adding a bathroom, updating a kitchen, or expanding the plumbing in your building in any other way, our team can help you with the planning and installation so you get the results you want.

10: Gas Line Work

Plumbers don’t just work on water pipes! Many of the same tools and skills are required for gas plumbing, and it’s critical for your safety and for adhering to legal requirements that your gas line work is done by licensed professionals.

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