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It’s Important to Test Your Water Treatment System: Here’s Why


The human body is approximately 60% water. In some cases, it’s even higher: 75% of an infant’s body is water. This fact makes it obvious that drinking plenty of water is critical for human health. But what about the source of that water? Is your drinking water clean enough to keep you healthy?

There are a variety of water treatment systems available to help ensure that your drinking water is clean. How can you select the right water treatment system? How can you be sure that it’s working properly? And how can you keep it working well in the long term? 

Signs of Water Quality Problems

Many things can indicate that you should get your water quality tested. Consider testing if you notice discoloration or corrosion on and around your water fixtures, an unpleasant smell or taste to your water, or if you or your family members have been ill and you don’t know why—especially pets, who are small and more easily affected by contaminated water. Another reason for concern about water quality is if you live in an older home. 

Sources of Water Quality Problems

Chlorides, nitrates, and arsenic can be absorbed by your water before it enters your home’s plumbing system. An imbalance in pH (acidity or alkalinity) or salinity (salt content) or bacterial growth can all have health consequences. And lead piping was not banned for use in water systems until 1986, so a home older than that may still have a plumbing system that contains lead, which is a dangerous contaminant that can lead to health problems, especially developmental delays in children. 

Solutions to Water Quality Problems

Water treatment systems come in two main configurations: POE or point-of-entry systems, which treat all the water that comes into your home, and POU or point-of-use systems, which treat the water flowing through a specific fixture, such as the kitchen sink. Both types are available for different varieties of treatment that address the specific contamination that is affecting your water. But how can you know what treatment your water needs?

Water Quality Testing

In order to select a treatment that will resolve your water quality problem, you need to know exactly what’s in your water. With professional water testing in Orlando, you can have a complete and detailed breakdown of exactly what your water contains. This will allow us to help you select the right treatment system for your home. 

Water Treatment System Care

There are two critical things that need to be done when you have a water treatment system in place in your home. The first is that your water should still be tested regularly. This will reassure you that the system is working properly, alert you if there’s a problem with the system and contaminants are not being removed, and keep you aware of any new sources of contamination that you weren’t treating for with your current system. The second critical thing is water treatment system maintenance. This may include filter replacement, cleaning and disinfecting the system, and removing any mineral deposits that have built up. With continued care, your water treatment system can ensure that you and your family are drinking fresh, clean water. 

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