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Are You Losing Water Pressure in Your Commercial Building?

A loss of water pressure in a home is often a sign of something wrong with the water line that brings freshwater to the house from the municipal source. It could also indicate large leaks in other parts of the plumbing. It’s something you’ll want fixed as soon as you can arrange it.

A drop in water pressure in a commercial business is often a different type of problem. It could come from a municipal issue, in which case the pressure drop will be intermittent and temporary. But if the loss of water pressure continues, then you’re probably dealing with an issue within the building that will require repair work from professional commercial plumbers. One of the most likely culprits behind commercial water pressure loss is trouble in the booster pump.

The commercial booster pump

The booster pump is a device designed to increase water pressure throughout a building. A home may occasionally require one of these pumps because of low pressure from the municipal supply, but they are rare. Commercial buildings, however, often need booster pumps because of the size of the plumbing system. The farther water needs to flow through a pipe, the more its pressure will decrease due to friction. Booster pumps help to even out the water pressure throug the extensive plumbing of a commercial building.

Like any type of mechanical device, a booster pump suffers wear and tear with use and will eventually experience malfunctions. The seals can start to fail because of debris, and the impeller motor can break down. It’s important that you don’t attempt to make any repairs to the booster pump on your own; even residential booster pumps are too complicated for amateurs to handle. A commercial plumber can diagnose the drop in water pressure in the building and determine if it originates from a pump. If it does, trust to the plumber to fix it, or in some cases replace it.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. offers many commercial plumbing repair services, including repairs for booster pumps. Contact us for service in Orlando and Winter Springs, FL.

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