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Start the Year Right with Drain Cleaning

It might sound odd to say that you should “treat yourself at the start of the year to drain cleaning.” But this is a great way to get started with taking care of your home for the coming year. January is always a good time to schedule major projects for your home (at least it is in Florida, where we don’t have to worry about snow and freezing temperatures) so you have a solid head start on the year. Never too early to begin making good on those resolutions, right?

So why drain cleaning?

People usually think of drain cleaning as something that’s done when a clog closes off a drain or creates a slow drain. This is only one use for drain cleaning however: the reactive use. But there is also a proactive use for drain cleaning: if treated as a regular maintenance task done every year, drain cleaning will help prevent those aggravating drain clogs and slow drains from starting. If you dealt with numerous clogs during 2015, then it’s a good idea to have drain cleaning scheduled the beginning of 2016.

Professional drain cleaning goes deep into all the drains in your home and provides a thorough level of cleansing. This isn’t just quickly using a drain snake on a few obstructions, or pouring ineffective and dangerous chemicals into drainpipes. Professional plumbers use advanced equipment such as hydro-jetters to scour the inside of the drainpipes. This will remove the build-up that develops around the year on the pipe interior. Kitchen drains, for example, will usually have thick layers of food particles and oils, fats, and grease on them. Hydro-jetting completely blasts away this debris, leaving the drains in like-new condition. After this level of cleaning, it will be more difficult for more debris to start to build again.

Get started early with a great plumbing system for 2016: call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL and schedule drain cleaning.

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