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Why You Need Commercial Leak Detection Services

Finding hidden leaks inside a home is a difficult job, and it almost always requires the services of professional plumbers with the right equipment to pinpoint the location of the leak so it can be fixed. Now when you consider the size and the extent of a commercial building compared to a house, and how much more plumbing serves the building, you will see why it’s so vital to have experienced plumbers take care of leak detection in businesses. And not just any professional plumbers, but ones that specialize in the needs of commercial plumbing.

Why finding leaking plumbing is so tricky

Modern businesses are designed to be as work-friendly as possible (as well as customer and client friendly if this is part of the business model). The pipes and other appliances of the plumbing need to be hidden away to make the work environment both look attractive and present few hazards or obstacles. This means that even pipes that are exposed in rooms will often be so out of the way that it’s hard to notice if they are leaking.

There are signs that will inform you that your commercial building is experiencing leaks. An increase in indoor humidity, an unexplained rise in water bills, a drop in the water pressure in different parts of the building, sagging spots in ceiling material… these are all indicators that you should call for commercial leak detection.

The way that experienced plumbers locate leaks inside a business is usually with video pipe inspection equipment. These cameras on long fiber-optic cables allow the plumber to examine the interior of pipes hidden behind walls and down in floors. The plumber will know exactly where the trouble lies and be able to fix the leak with the least amount of disruption to your building and the workflow inside it as possible.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. offers excellent commercial leak detection and other commercial plumbing services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

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