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Help! I’m Not Getting Any Hot Water in My House!

Among the emergency service calls that we receive the most frequently are for when a house suddenly has no hot water at all. Losing the hot water in your home is obviously a serious problem, since it makes numerous ordinary tasks very difficult—especially keeping clean. (Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and start off the day with an ice-cold shower.)

There are a number of different reasons for you water heater to stop providing you with the hot water you need. Almost all of them require assistance from professionals to repair (and in a few cases replace) the water heater. Below are some of the situations that will lead to a non-functioning water heater.

Tripped circuit breaker

Before you call for repairs, check the electrical panel to see if any circuits have been tripped. If the electrical system of the water heater trips a breaker, the water heater won’t work at all. And yes, this does apply to gas-powered water heaters as well, since most modern units do not use a standing pilot light to ignite the gas burners, but an electronic ignition system.

Gas flow failure

For natural gas water heaters (the most common type), an issue with gas flow to the burners can lead to no hot water. Never tamper with the gas line yourself; it’s not only dangerous, but in most jurisdictions it is illegal for non-licensed persons to tamper with an appliance connected to the gas main.

Burnt-out heating elements

This is specific to electric water heaters. The heating elements inside the tank can burn out, which will result in no heating power. Technicians will need to drain the tank and replace the elements to restore the system.

Aside from checking on the power supply to your water heater, leave the actual diagnosing of the water heater problems to the professionals. For fast water heater repair work in Winter Springs, FL, call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

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