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Are you a victim of Backflow Preventer theft, Modern Plumbing Inc can help!

Here at Modern Plumbing Inc we see and hear a lot about our local community and trends we are seeing in the area. Recently we have heard a lot about thefts of a crucial part of your plumbing system, the backflow preventer, and we want to educate you on what it is as well as offer some advice with dealing with it if you are targeted.

The backflow preventer in your plumbing system works to prevent the reversal of water flow of waste water leaving your premises and going into the municipal sewer system. When a water main breaks or there is a catastrophic event in the city sewer system the pressure differential can force contaminated water back into your system without a backflow preventer to block the pipe. While this type of event may be an extreme example it is imperative that you have a safety feature in place to prevent even the most minor of issues.

If you have been targeted by local thefts and discover your backflow preventer has been removed then please call us here at Modern Plumbing Inc for help replacing it. We can help you determine which valve is right for your system as well as come out and do an onsite investigation of the plumbing to determine there is no further damage. We want to help you move forward from an event like a theft of your backflow preventer so you can get on with your life and protect your system. Should you find yourself in a situation which requires a backflow preventer replacement then give us a call here at Modern Plumbing Inc and we will help get you back on track!

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