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Drain Cleaning 101


Drain cleaning is a crucial aspect of your home’s plumbing system maintenance. It helps you keep your plumbing system functioning smoothly, helping to address and prevent clogs. In fact, regular drain cleaning can also reduce the chances of costly repairs.

Learn about the importance of drain cleaning in Orlando, FL so you know if and when to schedule this service for your own drains.

When to Schedule Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning helps you remove clogs from your pipes to facilitate smooth drainage. Blockages can be created by the combination of a variety of debris sticking around in your drains, including:

  • Hair
  • Soap scum
  • Hard water mineral buildup
  • Fats, grease, and oils
  • Coffee grounds
  • Rice

When these substances build up, the drain can become clogged unless it gets expert cleaning. You typically will want to schedule drain cleaning under two circumstances:

1. You Opt For Yearly Maintenance

It is generally advisable to schedule at least one drain cleaning service per year for your drain lines. This helps you care for your system, even when you do not notice external signs of problematic drain clogs.

It is essential to note that most problems that require drain cleaning to solve do not always show early warning signs. Annual maintenance helps address any subtle or unnoticed drainage problems.

2. You Notice Signs of Poor Drainage

You know you need drain cleaning warning signs. One of the most apparent indicators of a problem is slow drainage. Clogs form over time rather than right away. Consequently, they slow the water movement over time as waste buildups on the pipe walls, narrowing the waterway.

Another significant sign is odors that rise from the drains. It is common in kitchen pipes since they handle food waste more regularly. Professional drain cleaning lets you thoroughly address this problem.

Why Drain Cleaning Is Effective

Drain cleaning is more effective because it uses eco-friendly yet powerful hydro-jets. Hydro-jetting is a cleaning technique that relies on a forced water jet to remove buildup and debris from the pipes.  

Unlike chemical drain cleaners that may leave some remnants in the pipes, this method will thoroughly scour the drain and leave you with clean pipe walls, even helping to prevent new buildup for some time.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Cause More Trouble

It is common for many people to purchase a chemical cleaner and pour it down a drainpipe to clear a clog. Although it may initially be a solution, this can actually cause more trouble.

Chemicals remove some buildup in the pipes but often fail to get rid of all of it. Thus, waste quickly attaches to the remnants on the wall, and soon you experience another block.

Chemical cleaners can also corrode your pipes meaning that you end up damaging the very pipes you are trying to clear. The fumes from these chemicals can even prove harmful to your well-being.

It is vital to maintain a clean plumbing system to avoid recurring issues and expensive repair needs. Fortunately, drain cleaning provides a practical and eco-friendly solution to help you achieve this goal.

Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today to schedule preventative maintenance or clear a clog with expert drain cleaning.

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