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Signs That You Have a Plumbing Leak


Water can create a staggering amount of damage to areas it runs through. Just look at the Grand Canyon! Many of the surfaces in your home are not water-resistant: sheetrock, carpets, and wood cabinets. It’s easy to see that a plumbing leak could cause tremendous, expensive damage.

Occasionally, a plumbing leak is sudden and obvious. But often, it happens slowly. If it’s not addressed promptly, water can soak into your home, causing rot and decay. How will you know a slow leak has started, especially when your plumbing is behind walls or in cabinets? There are signs that can clue you into a plumbing leak in your home and let you know it’s time to reach out to an expert in plumbing in Winter Park, FL. We’ll start with the more obvious and work our way toward the sneakier leaks.

Water You Can Hear

Dripping, and trickling sounds that occur when you’re not using an appliance such as a clothes washer or dishwasher are very definite signs that something is wrong. A leak that creates enough water to be heard is probably significant, and you should reach out to a plumber immediately.

Water Damage You Can See

A steady flow of even a small amount of water can cause pooling on surfaces. A new stain on your ceiling during a very rainy period may indicate a roof leak, but if it showed up during dry weather, or in an area unlikely to be affected by a roof leak, your plumbing is probably the culprit. But not all water damage looks like a puddle. Bubbling, bulging, or buckling walls, doors, or floors can also indicate that water has swelled the materials they are made of.

Water Damage You Can Smell

Have you noticed a musty smell around your home? Have you found spots that might be mildew? Are there areas where mold didn’t grow previously that are now growing mold like it’s a popular new crop? The humidity caused by excess water flowing through your home makes an ideal environment for mold to grow. Not only is mildew unsightly and unpleasant-smelling, but it’s also unhealthy to breathe—and it’s a sign that your plumbing needs to be checked for leaks.

Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation

Older homes tend to settle over the years, and a superficial foundation crack should not be a surprise. But a lot of cracks, or the sudden development of new cracks, are cause for concern. One possible cause is a slab leak, or underground leak, from your plumbing. It’s important to have professional help assessing whether that is the case.

Increased Water Bills

The final sign of a sneaky leak is not even something you will discover in the walls or floors or foundation of your home. It’s something you’ll discover in your mailbox (or your email inbox). Increases in water bills are usually due to causes you’re already aware of, such as filling a swimming pool. When your water bill increases and you don’t know why, it may be that a plumbing leak is causing unseen damage somewhere in your home and also causing damage to your bank account. 

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