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How Video Camera Inspections Help with Drain Cleaning

When we list off the most important tools used for drain cleaning, one item we include is video camera inspection equipment. Although it may sound odd mentioning a video camera in a list that includes hydro-jetters and mechanical drain augers, these pipe inspections cameras are an invaluable asset in drain cleaning services. They can make a huge difference in the time and effort requires to clean residential drains, as well as repair them.

To arrange for high quality drain cleaning services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas, call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) today. We use video pipe inspections to provide our customers with the best service.

How video pipe inspections work

Modern video cameras for pipe inspections are precision pieces of equipment. They consist of a miniaturized digital camera and powerful LED light mounted on the end of a lengthy fiber optic cable. The cable is long enough to allow a plumber to send the camera the full length of a residential sewer line. The camera sends back a video feed to a monitor, where the plumber can view the inside of the drainpipes. The feed can be recorded so the customer can view it later.

How these inspections help the plumber

Cleaning out tough blockages inside a drain sometimes requires knowledge of just what exactly is creating the stoppage. This allows the plumber to find the most effective method of cleaning the drains and takes out the process of guesswork and trial and error. Sometimes, the plumber will discover that what at first seemed like a simple clog is actually damage to the pipe or the infiltration of tree roots (a problem common with sewer lines) that requires a more extensive repair.

Video camera inspections are also helpful for routine maintenance checks, so plumbers will know if your drains are developing organic or mineral build-up that will require thorough cleaning with hydro-jetting equipment. Give our team of expert plumbers a call today if you wish to have plumbing maintenance to see if it’s time to arrange for drain cleaning.

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