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Hydro Jetting vs. Drain Snakes: Which Is Better?

Professional drain cleaning is one our specialties at MPI, and we provide it both for homes and businesses in the Orlando area. We have a variety of the finest professional-grade tools at our disposal to see that your house or establishment receives a thorough cleaning that will see that your drains work better and with few problems in the future.

Two of the most common tools for drain cleaning are hydro-jetters and drain snakes (a.k.a. drain augers). Which one does the best cleaning job?

Understanding the difference

To answer the question, we need to look at what exactly each tool does. Drain snakes, which also come in simple consumer models, consist of a flexible metal coil that can drill down into obstructions in drains and break them and remove them. A hydro-jetter sprays out high-pressure blasts of water along the interior of a drainpipe, with a special nozzle directing the blasts in all directions.

Why the hydro-jetter is better

Drain snakes ­do have a role in cleaning drains, and we recommend using a store-bought drain snake rather than ever pouring any caustic chemical “cleaners” down a drain. But a drain snake doesn’t provide actual thorough cleaning. It can take care of clogs, but even the best motorized drain snake doesn’t have the complete cleaning power of a hydro-jetter. Hydro-jetting uses water pressure to also cut through grease and the debris inside the drain. In the hands of a professional (and only professionals should use them), a hydro-jetter can restore a drainpipe or sewer line to almost new condition. A drain snake will leave behind debris that will make it easy for build-up to start up once more, while a hydro-jetter leaves nothing behind but a smooth surface.

Whether you have a tough clog or you want to arrange for routine drain cleaning services, go with a company like ours that put the hydro-jetter to its best use.

When you need professional drain cleaning from hydro-jetting experts for either your home or business, make the call to Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

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