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Too Many Drain Clogs? Here’s What You Can Do

Drain clogs… they’re one of the unfortunate constants in plumbing systems. No matter how well you care for your drains, you’ll still run into clogs from time to time. But if you’re experiencing clogs more and more often, maybe you need to take some steps to help prevent them. We’ve listed a few below. If your serious clogging problem continues, you should contact professional plumbers to look into your drainage and sewer system to see if there are deeper issues that need to be remedied.

Some ways to prevent clogs

  • Clean the stoppers: If you use stoppers to close off drains, such as a kitchen drain, the stoppers may have developed a film of food, soap scum, bacteria, etc.—and these can have a negative effect on the drains. Clean off the stoppers regularly to keep them clean.
  • Occasionally run hot water down the drain: Hot water breaks up grease much better than cold water does, so occasionally letting hot water run through the drains helps keep them clear of the debris that might start to stick to the sides.
  • Add baking soda: Placing a few teaspoons of baking soda into the drains along with the hot water helps to scour the drainpipes without causing any actual damage.
  • Avoid pouring FOG down the drains: FOG stands for “fats, oils, and grease.” Although these look innocuous in liquid form, once they cool down they change into waxy solids that will start to close off the drainpipe. Place all FOG from cooking in a separate receptacle and move it to the trash.
  • Schedule annual drain cleaning: This is the best technique of all to keep your drains from clogging. Plumbers with special hydro-jetting equipment can keep your drains in like-new condition, reducing clogs to a minimum.

Something else to keep in mind: ­don’t use chemical “drain cleaners” to cut through those clogs. These chemicals can end up harming your drains—and they’re highly toxic as well.

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