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Do You Have Hard Water in Your Home? 5 Signs to Watch For

One of the most frequent problems with water quality in homes is hard water. This is water that has a higher suspension of minerals in it than normal, most of which seep into freshwater pipes through the ground water. Hard water minerals include magnesium, gypsum, and calcium. Thankfully, hard water is rarely harmful for people to drink. But it poses a different threat to your household: the build-up of scale inside pipes and appliances. Too much build-up in the pipes will lead to a spike in water pressure, and the scale inside appliances such as the water heater can lead to permanent damage.

The short version: If you have hard water in your plumbing, you need to do something about it.

5 Signs That You Have Hard Water

  1. Damage to dishes, glasses, and utensils: The minerals in hard water are abrasive and will leave damage on kitchenware. You may see stains and spots on glasses and dishes after you wash them that won’t go away with drying.
  2. Soap lather problems: Hard water minerals make it more difficult to create a lather using soap. If you have trouble working up soap suds for bathing or cleaning, hard water is a likely culprit.
  3. Fading clothes and fabric: If you notice that the colors of your clothing are fading after being washed, or that white fabrics are picking up a gray stain, it’s likely from the effects of hard water.
  4. Dry skin, flat hair: Soap doesn’t rinse out as well in hard water, and this will mean your skin will feel dry and your hair flat because of the remaining soap residue.
  5. Chalky buildup on fixtures: Calcium deposits from hard water will start becoming noticeable on faucets and shower heads.

Solving hard water issues

This is quite easy, actually. Simply call our water treatment specialists. They’ll test your water, determine how much of a hard water problem you have, and then outfit your home with the right whole-house water softener. This treatment system will counteract the hard water minerals with sodium ions, protecting your plumbing and appliances.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. has supplied Winter Springs, FL with excellent plumbing since 1975. Call to find out about our water treatment installations.

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