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What Tools Can I Use to Clean My Drains?

Regular drain cleaning is an important part of routine maintenance for your kitchen and bathroom plumbing. Over time, organic and inorganic build-up will develop along the inside of these pipes, such as food particles, grease, hair, and soap scum. With enough build-up, the drains will become slow and eventually clog.

You should always schedule routine drain cleaning with plumbing professionals. But what if you want to take care of getting rid of pesky clog or wish to handle some of the drain cleaning on your own? Here are some tools you can use:

A sink plunger…

A basic sink plunger is an immensely useful device to have around the home. In the case of minor blockages in a bathroom or kitchen sink, a plunger can often quickly clear them. Remember that if you notice that clogs are becoming more and more frequent to the point that you are using the plunger on an almost daily basis, you should call a professional plumber to perform comprehensive drain cleaning.

…and that’s it

Basically, you can’t clean your own drains with any store bought equipment—nor should you try. If the plunger won’t clear the drain, call for a plumber.

What about liquid drain cleaners?

Please don’t. We know this is tempting, but store-bought liquid drain cleaners can cause you many more problems than they solve. For one thing, they are not thorough and will leave many deposits behind (such as hair) that will allow clogs to quickly return. They are also highly toxic and their corrosive properties can damage the interior of pipes. No professional plumber recommends using liquid drain cleaners.

Let experienced plumbers clean your drains

Licensed professional plumbers use special equipment to handle drain cleaning, such as hydro-jetters and motorized drain augers. Leave the job to them, and you will receive the comprehensive and effective drain cleaning necessary to avoid numerous problems in the future.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. provides quality routine and emergency drain cleaning in Orlando, FL.

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