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3 Benefits of Hybrid Water Heaters

The technology behind water heaters has advanced a significant way since the only type of water heater available was a storage tank system. The standard storage tank water heater is still around and can still do an effective job for a home. However, if you are in the market for a new water heater, you should know about some of the newer types of models available, such as a hybrid water heater.

A hybrid water heater, sometimes called a heat pump water heater, does not use either natural gas power or electrical resistance heating to warm up the water inside its tank. Instead, it uses electricity to power components that draw ambient heat from the outside air, and then applies that heat to the tank.

Why should you put a hybrid water heater on your shopping list for your next installation? Below are 3 of the advantages:

  • Energy savings: The U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program identifies heat pump water heaters as a great source of savings. An ENERGY STAR-certified hybrid water heater can save the average household of 4 approximately $330 a year from it electric bills when compared to a standard electrical resistance water heater. Larger families can save even more: the payback period for a family of 6 is a mere 1.6 years, with a lifetime savings of around $5,500.
  • Environmentally beneficial: Hybrid water heaters release fewer greenhouse gases than natural gas-powered water heaters.
  • Safety: If you are worried about using natural gas to power your water heater because of the potential health hazards from combustion and toxic exhaust, a hybrid is a great alternative. Hybrids only use electrical power—and use it much more efficiently than standard electrical water heaters.

Keep in mind that a hybrid water heater is not the best system for every home and family. Always let professionals handle water heater installation so that you will be sure to receive the right unit to match your needs.

To talk to experts about installing a hybrid water heater in Orlando, FL or elsewhere in Central Florida, call on Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

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