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“Do I Need a Water Softener?”

Shower-HeadThe water in your home contributes to your overall comfort. A lot of times, we encounter homeowners who just think that as long as their water is wet and easy to access that everything is fine. We want you to take it a step further though—think about the quality of your home’s water.

Is your water hard? We’ll help you determine this below. If you read through the blog and realize that your water is hard, it’s time for you to consider a water softener on Orlando, FL. Having high-quality water is going to help you stay efficient, comfortable, and healthy in your home. Come to us when you’re interested in water softener systems. We’re here to help you.

Determining Your Needs

Here are the signs that you need to adopt a water softening system in your home:

1.      High Water Bills

If you notice that your utility bills are rising for no real reason, this means that you need to schedule an appointment with our professionals. This is actually a result of hard water too. As hard water builds up, your plumbing pathways start to clog with the mineral content. This means that you’ll have decreased water flow and higher energy bills as a result.

2.      Scale Buildup

Are all your faucets and outlets caked in scale build-up? This is a sign that hard water is running rampant in your home. Mineral build-up often leaves behind a trail of debris on your outlets. This can even spread to smaller appliances that interact with your home’s water. Watch out for scale buildup on your dinnerware, glassware, coffeepots, etc. Don’t let this go on for too long. It’s going to negatively impact your home’s water health and it could lead to breakdowns.

3.      Faded Laundry

All your clothes look so dull lately. You’ve switched detergents and started to handwash certain items—what’s going on? Faded laundry is actually a problem with hard water. Hard water puts a strain on virtually everything it comes into contact with. This can happen in various different forms like faded laundry.

4.      Dry Skin, Hair, and Nails

Your skin feels like it’s about to shed, your hair feels like hay, and your nails are constantly breaking and splitting. It can actually be the water that you’re washing your body in. We know that this happening during the winter and you might associate this with the cold weather, but if you notice this problem you should take a closer look at your water too.

5.      Staining

Is cleaning your home a huge burden because so many parts of your home stain? This happens due to hard water. Hard water has a high mineral content that leaves behind a residue. Sometimes, the staining that you’re experiencing in your home can be a direct result of this. You’ll know that you’re experiencing hard water stains if no amount of bleach and elbow grease seems to keep these stains at bay for too long.

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