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It’s cold outside and all of a sudden you hear something. The room falls silent and then suddenly water comes gushing out of your wall. That’s what happened one winter’s day in November of 2008 to Terry Cook of Oviedo and Modern Plumbing was there to save the day.

Ten days prior to a very large gathering at our home, a water pipe broke in the wall between the two downstairs bathrooms. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the resultant mess. I had the great fortune to call Modern Plumbing, owned by Frank Bracco, who sent out two of the best workers I’ve ever met. Ray and Aaron ended up re-piping the entire house, but they managed to keep the mess and clutter to a minimum. They took half and hour for lunch and returned promptly. They always had the necessary materials and never had to “run out and get something”. They finished in for days and a day later sent the drywall man to repair the areas affected by the work. He did such a skillful job of blending that we had party guests try find the areas he repaired. No one found any. The deceptive, fat-cat corporations that been in the news lately could take a page from the Modern Plumbing handbook.

Terry Cook, Oviedo.

This article is no longer on the Orlando Sentinel website. Columnist name is Greg Dawson. His column is called The Last Resort.

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