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What Materials Are Best for Repiping My Home?

Repiping is one of largest plumbing jobs that a home might need—but also one of the most important. For the plumbing systems of older houses, the pipes may be made of galvanized steel, or even iron. Although these are tough, durable metals, they are both prone to corrosion over time. Galvanized steel was once the workhorse of the plumbing world for decades, but other materials have superseded it. If your home still has steel pipes, you should have them replaced before the inevitable corrosion sets in!

But ­what kind of material should replace those old steel pipes?

This is a good question to ask, because there are multiple options. Professional plumbers will be able to explain the different materials and which ones will best serve you. For a whole-house repiping job, plumbers will combine different types of pipe materials to create a new plumbing system that should serve you for many years to come with problems.

  • Copper: The most popular metal used for pipes today is copper, which is lighter than steel but also more flexible, making it less likely to break if put under pressure. However, the biggest advantage that copper has over older metals is that it’s corrosion resistant. You can expect many years of service from copper pipes.
  • CPVC: There are many types of plastic piping used in plumbing today, with chlorinated polyvinyl chloride the most common. CPVC is a stronger polymer than standard PVC pipes, and it can handle higher temperatures, which makes it ideal for use in hot water lines.
  • PEX: The newest kind of plastic to enter the plumbing field, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes are an alternative to CPVC pipes. PEX pipes are highly flexible, making them easy to install into tight places. They are also less expensive than copper and can last longer the CPVC piping.

Only trust to experienced plumbers to determine the right combination of plumbing materials for your home when it needs repiping.

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