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3 Ways to Tell That You Need Whole-House Repiping

Replacing all the pipes in a home is a major task, and probably the largest plumbing repair that an residence may require. But there are many cases where it is the best solution to numerous plumbing problems. If it is done right, it will ensure a plumbing system will work with few repair problems for many decades to come.

How can you, as a homeowner, know that whole-house repiping is the best option? There are a couple of ways, ranging from signs you might spot in plumbing performance to information about your home itself. Here are just 3 of the ways you can learn that it’s a good time to call for skilled plumbers to repipe your home:

  • Your house is more than 50 years old: If you live in a house built pre-1960s—and especially if it was built before World War II—it almost certainly requires repiping if it hasn’t been done already. Homes of this vintage usually have pipes made of galvanized steel (or even cast iron). Although this is durable material, it is also prone to corrosion over time. Fifty years is more than enough time to start causing the pipes to decay. Replacing outdated material with copper and plastics like PEX and CPVC will give your plumbing a whole new lease on life.
  • Water pressure is dropping and clogs are increasing: Residential plumbing consists of two halves, the fresh water and waste water systems. If the pipes in your home have declined due to age and poor materials, you will notice trouble on both sides of the plumbing system. Water pressure from the taps will drop, and clogs and slow drains will become frequent hassles. Call in a professional plumber to examine your pipes and see if the time has arrived for whole-house repiping.
  • Regular maintenance: If you have regular maintenance for your plumbing, a professional plumber will be able to identify when the pipes are too degraded for targeted repairs to fix. The plumber will help you arrange for repiping service.

If you think your home need repiping, or if you wish a professional opinion, call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI). We service Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas and have since 1975.

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