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Could Your Drains Use a Good Cleaning?

drainAfter you shower or use the tub, do you notice a pool of water accumulating and then staying stagnant in the tub or shower for a few minutes to an hour? If yes, then you probably have a drainage problem. If water does not immediately go down the drain while you shower or use the sink, then there is a problem with your drain. Specifically speaking, you have a slow drain.

A stagnant pool of water in your tub or sink can be disheartening. After all, you’d expect the water to go down the drain immediately after you’re done bathing or taking a shower. The good news is that there are services that perform drain cleaning in Orlando, FL that can help you fix the slow drain in your bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere.

The Common Causes of a Slow Drain

While an Orland, FL plumber can easily fix the drainage problem in your house, finding out the common causes of slow drains can help you to minimize the chances of a slow drain occurring in your bathroom or kitchen. Here are the 4 common causes of slow drains in Orlando, FL.

Problems with the Pop-Up Stopper

Present on most tub drains, showers, and bathroom sinks, a pop-up stopper may not work properly at times, causing the drain to slow down. The job of the stopper is to allow you to fill the tub or sink with water. The stopper achieves this by sealing off the drain. The drain may get clogged if the stopper develops soap scum and hair buildup.

Overusing the System

You are likely to have a slow drain if your water usage is more than the capacity of your septic tank. The main problem here is excess water usage because the septic tank will take longer to drain if there is too much water being used. Additionally, the sediments at the tank’s bottom will stir up again and flow into the field, causing the system to clog and the drains to slow down.

Hair Buildup

The most common cause of slow drains in the bathroom is the hair—hair that falls when you take a shower or bath and then gets trapped in the drain. Hair buildup in the drain is not easy to prevent. However, there are some ways to limit it. This includes using a drain cover. A drain cover can limit the buildup of the hair in the p-trap, but it will not completely solve the issue.

Hard Water Deposits

The minerals in hard water can cause the pipe walls to develop scale deposits. This is a major problem because it reduces the pipe’s available volume, ultimately causing the drains to slow down or get clogged. One way to overcome this problem is by installing a water softener.

Regardless of what’s causing the slow drain in your home, a professional Orlando, FL plumber can help you overcome it.

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