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What Leads to Early Pipe Replacement? Here, We’ll Tell You!

pipe-connectionThe pipes in your plumbing are essential to the water flow in and out of your house, but they can be surprisingly fragile. If you do not handle them with care, anything can cause irreparable damage to the pipes. Over tightening a water line or even dumping too much grease down the kitchen sink can cause plumbing situations.

Sometimes, it feels like your pipes can handle it, but you could be damaging them to the point where nothing you do can save them. Even if you call in experts for plumbing repair in Orlando, FL, the pipes can be too far gone. You need to replace them or risk further damage to your home.

Here are some of the most common culprits that lead to early pipe replacement.

1.    Improper Use of Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal units in our kitchen sinks can be very convenient in getting rid of waste. Homeowners can feel tempted to dispose of all kinds of waste through the garbage disposal. The machine can make quick work of the food you throw in. Still, it does not mean the pipes can handle all the food waste.

Oil and grease from the food you throw in the garbage disposal can build up in the pipes. If you have a hard water problem, it can mix with soap to create soap scum. Between the greasy and soap scum deposits, the pipes become clogged. It can cause stress on the pipes over time and cause irreparable damage.

2.    Using Wrong Drain Cleaners

Bleach is a vital ingredient in many drain-cleaning products. However, chemical cleaners made by different brands use diluted bleach with other chemicals to make sure it does not cause damage to the pipes. Pure bleach can react with anything stuck in the drain and the pipes themselves. When the bleach reacts, it can create more corrosive compounds that weaken your pipes.

Make sure you always use recommended pipe cleaning products instead of pure bleach. While they may cost more than bleach, they can prevent significant damage. If you have been using bleach to clean your drains, you should call in a plumber in Orlando, FL, to check if there is any damage. If there is enough corrosion, it can lead to early pipe replacement.

3.    Movement and Degradation

You might not know this, but our homes actually shift over time. The foundation of your home can take years to settle. The movement is so subtle that you cannot notice it living in your house. The slight movement can gradually result in your pipes becoming misaligned. When the pipes are physically not in the same place they were when they were installed, it can lead to degradation and damage.

It is almost impossible to diagnose this problem unless you are an expert. Unfortunately, it is also an unavoidable problem. If your plumbing has damage due to the movement of your home’s foundations, it will need replacement.

Call in The Experts

At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., you can rely on us to help you prevent these problems that lead to early pipe replacement. If you suspect that you might have a plumbing situation, you should call us. We will send over our experienced professionals to inspect the situation and diagnose any plumbing problems to repair them promptly.

Contact the team at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today.

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