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Don’t Panic if the Toilet Overflows! Here’s What You Can Do

We understand that it’s a bit nerve-racking when you see the water level in the toilet bowl rise up higher than it should, moving toward the rim of the bowl. If this is due to a simple clog, then a standard plunger can take care of the issue before you have to worry about the toilet actually overflowing. (If clogs become a regular occurrence, on the other hand, contact a professional plumber to see if there’s something more seriously wrong with your bathroom plumbing.)

But when the toilet starts to overflow, it can cause an immediate panic to set in. You might even reach for the phone to call 911… which you absolutely should not do. Yes, this is a plumbing emergency, but it’s one that you can handle with a few steps and the right help.

First, turn off the water

There is a shut-off handle for most toilets along the feed line that comes from the wall. Make sure you know where it is, and turn it off to stop more water from flowing into the toilet. If you have an older toilet that doesn’t have a shut off valve on the feed line, instead remove the lid of the tank and lift up on the float ball to temporarily stop the water flow. Have someone else go shut off the water main for the home. (You need to know the location of this shut-off valve, since it can come in handy with other plumbing emergencies.)

Try the standard plunger method

Now that the initial emergency is past, use a plunger. For this type of clog, it’s best to start slowly applying pressure with the plunger, not attempt to stomp down as hard as possible. Build up the pressure; this will have a better chance of dislodging the obstruction.

Call a professional plumber

If you still have high water in the toilet, the next step is to contact a plumbing professional. Do not pour chemical cleaners down the toilet! These caustic chemicals are harmful and generally ineffective. Let the skilled plumber use special mechanical augers to fix the problem.

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