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Here’s Why Your Water Pressure is Dropping

faucet-drippingThere are few things more frustrating in life than when you are rinsing out the shampoo from your head while the water barely manages to trickle out of the showerhead. If you prefer taking a bath, you might as well wait for ages for the tub to fill up.

When the water pressure affects your home, not even one plumbing fixture can provide you with the water pressure you need. Everything you do will take longer. Washing dishes, taking a shower, washing your hands, cleaning your clothes—everything becomes a time taking chore. Watering your garden and washing your car is practically impossible.

If you live in Orlando, FL, you might be facing low water pressure problems quite often. We will discuss some of the most common reasons you have low water pressure and why you should schedule plumbing services in Orlando, FL, to get the water pressure back up.

There is a Leak

The number one reason you have low water pressure could be a large leak in the water service line. If the private water service line branching off from the public water service line is leaking, it can cause a drop in water pressure throughout your house. If you want to check whether you are facing this problem, shut off all the water fixtures inside and outside your home. Check the water meter to see the reading. Recheck it after an hour or two. If the meter shows you’re using water, you have a major leak.

Corroded Plumbing

Another reason for water pressure dropping in your home could be the plumbing. While water pipes are built to last, they cannot last forever. Old and galvanized steel pipes gradually wear out and develop leaks. Sometimes it is easy to detect the problem if you see rust-colored water or see metallic flakes in the water. However, the signs aren’t always obvious, and only an expert can detect them.

Hard Water Problems

A leading cause of low water pressure and several plumbing problems in Orlando, FL, is hard water. Scale buildup and deposits within the fixtures and pipelines can start to clog the plumbing. It can block the water flow to the point that it barely trickles out. You can invest in water softening products if there is a mild hard water problem. However, most severe cases require the intervention of skilled technicians to handle the problem.

Faulty Water Pressure Regulator

Some homeowners install water pressure regulators in their homes. It is a control valve that regulates the water flow through your plumbing. If it stops working properly at some point, it can cause the water pressure to shoot up and damage the pipes. Once the damage is done, the water pressure drops. It is another problem that you should leave to an expert to determine and repair.

Call in the Experts

Low water pressure can result from a wide range of issues. Most of these problems require expert intervention for repairs. You might have to deal with extensive and costly repairs if you don’t deal with major issues like corroding pipes or leaks immediately. At Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc., we are equipped to deal with all these plumbing problems leading to dropping water pressure.

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