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How a Plumber Pinpoints a Leak

If you’re a plumber in Orlando, you have to handle your share of leaks. They’re easily the most common plumbing problem in Central Florida, and if they’re not addressed, they can cause some serious damage to your home. Large leaks are fairly easy to detect – you simply look for the puddles – and can be spotted before you call in a plumbing service. Other methods are more subtle, however, and usually require professional skills. Here’s a quick list of how a plumber pinpoints a leak.

  • Leak detection equipment. Most plumbers use some form of leak detector, which utilizes one of a variety of means to pinpoint a leak. Some are acoustic, listening to micro-shifts in sound to spot the leak. Others use lengths of tape wrapped around the pipe to detect moisture, or sensors running along the length of the pipe to spot the leak. Whatever the technology, it becomes an invaluable tool in the plumber’s arsenal: able to detect leaks fairly quickly and save considerable time in the bargain.
  • Food coloring. Food coloring is a quick and easy trick to detect the location of leaks in toilets. The plumber simply drips a few drops into the tank and follows where they go. Unfortunately, this method is much less effective with other forms of plumbing, though it can still be used in some cases.
  • Careful examination. In some cases, a trained eye is still the best tool. Plumbers know how to look for telltale signs like discolored metal indicating rust or corrosion. Rotted wood near the leak, water stains on the ceiling or floor and key problem locations such as seals or fittings are also good indicators of the source of a leak. Laymen can spot such signs too, but professionals have more experience in the subject and know what signs to look for.

Knowing how a plumber pinpoints a leak isn’t the same as pinpointing a leak yourself. Trust a professional to do the job right and make sure your leaky pipe gets fixed properly the first time. If you’re looking for a plumber in Orlando, turn to the experts at Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction and our trained staff won’t rest until your problem is solved.

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