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Do You Need to Schedule Water Testing?

water-testing-at-sinkYou want to have clean water in your house for drinking and cooking, as well as to prevent issues with mineral build-up that can harm plumbing and appliances. The way to find out exactly what is affecting your water is to have specialists do water testing in your house. A week after the testing, you’ll receive a complete rundown on all the impurities and contaminants in the water supply so you can choose the right water treatment system to deal with them.

How Will I Know to Schedule Water Testing?

First of all, water testing is something we recommend any home get every five years or so, even if there are no outward indications that anything’s wrong. It’s simply a good precaution to take; conditions in the municipal plumbing may have changed since the last time you had testing done.

We also recommend having testing done soon after moving into a new house to ensure that you’re getting the best quality water possible. If you receive your freshwater from a well, you need to have testing done annually, since there is a high chance of contaminants entering the water supply through groundwater.

There are a number of indications to watch for that will warn you something is polluting your home’s water supply and that it’s time to call for water testing right away:

  • Cloudy water. If you haven’t had cloudy water before and it starts to show up, it can mean trouble. The minerals creating the cloudiness may be harmless, but that’s not a chance you want to take. Plus, it just looks unpleasant.
  • Discoloration. Water should be clear and colorless—that’s just what people associate water with when they think of “pure water.” If there’s any color tint to the water, don’t drink it! This shows the possible presence of excessive iron or manganese, and may be connected to drilling operations near the water supply. You may also have rusting fresh water pipes (in which case, time for repiping).
  • Rotten egg smell. This is sulfur, and traces of it are normal in drinking water. But if the sulfur levels are high enough that it’s creating this rotten egg stink, you’ll want to find out what’s wrong, as high sulfur levels can cause intestinal problems. You don’t want water that smells this bad in your house either!
  • Chlorine smell. Chlorine is used in water treatment plants to purify water, but the process may leave high levels behind. If the smell from your home’s water is like that of a swimming pool, get the water checked out.
  • Hard water traces. Hard water is damaging to plumbing, so watch for a flaky, off-white residue on your fixtures or a film left over on glass surfaces, such as in the shower. Hard water also makes it hard to develop soap lather and causes colors to fade in the wash.

If you want to arrange for water testing in Winter Springs, FL for your house, contact our plumbers. Not only do we do water testing, we install a wide variety of water treatment systems.

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