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What to Do When You Don’t Have Any Hot Water

showerhead-waterFlorida homes have few worries with their heating systems during the mild winters. But there is one residential heating system that works all through the season—and the other three seasons as well. It’s the water heater. You rely on your water heater to bring hot water to taps, showers, bathtubs, and appliances every day.

What happens when you switch on the hot water one day and find that there isn’t any? Is something wrong with the water heater? It’s possible you’ve got a serious water heater issue, but there are some other things to check as well.

Have you simply run out of hot water?

Over the holiday season, guests often come to stay for extended visits. This puts extra strain on the water heater in the morning when everyone is taking their showers. If you have a water heater designed to handle the needs of only a few people, it can be overwhelmed quickly. (This is one of the reasons we often recommend tankless water heaters, which continually heat up water as needed.) If the water heater is more than 15 years old, a quick loss of hot water often indicates the system is ready for a replacement.

The pilot light on the water heater has gone out

If you have an older natural gas water heater, it may use a pilot light to ignite the burners. (Newer models use electronic ignition systems.) Check on the pilot light to see if this is the case, and then relight the pilot. If the pilot light won’t stay lit, consult with a professional to repair the system.

The burners won’t light

The pilot light or the electronic ignition system is working, but the burners aren’t coming on for some reason. This could be a gas flow issue. It might also be that the thermostat that activates the burners isn’t working correctly. Either way, you don’t want to fiddle around with the burners. Have a water heater repair expert look at the problem.

A circuit breaker has tripped

This will bring an electric water heater to a halt. Because the amount of energy the water heater requires, it might overload its circuit and the trip the breaker—and you won’t get any hot water. Check the breaker and reset it. If the problem continues, have the water heater looked at. (It’s also possible the electrical panel itself is at fault.)

The water heater is improperly sized

If the water heater is a new one, the problem of it running out of hot water too soon may mean that it has the wrong size tank. Never let non-professionals install your water heater, since poor sizing is a mistake they often make. You’ll need to have a new water tank put in that better matches your household needs.

If you need service for a water heater in Orlando, FL or the surrounding areas because it has stopped working, you can rely on our technicians to identify the problem and have it fixed as quickly as possible. If you have an older water heater, we may recommend doing a complete replacement.

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