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What Water Testing Can Tell You about Your Home’s Water

The quality of the water entering homes from municipal systems is a major concern in the country today, and has become a serious issue for many homeowners who are worried about their family’s health. If you have worries about the impurities that might be in the water your household drinks and bathes in, then your best recourse is to contact professionals for water testing.

What can water testing tell you about your home’s water? An enormous amount. We’ll look at a few specifics:

It can tell the hardness of the water

“Hardness” is the amount of minerals suspended in the water, principally magnesium and calcites. Although hard water isn’t necessarily dangerous to drink, it is very damaging for pipes and other fixtures.

It determines iron and lead content

Iron and lead are responsible for water that is both corrosive and unhealthy. Water testing looks for all types of metal content in the water.

It can identify bacteria and other organic pollutants

These are among the unhealthiest impurities that can get into a water supply.

It measures levels of chemicals

Pesticides are one of the more common issues in municipal water: they can seep into the water supply through ground water. Chlorides, nitrates, and arsenic are among the more harmful of these pollutants.

It can tell you what you need to do for fresh, healthy water

This is the most important part of water testing: finding out what steps you can take to improve the quality of the water. When our professionals provide you with a full report on your water quality, we’ll also advise you regarding the water treatment systems that will counteract or remove these impurities. After all, testing isn’t just designed to scare you with what’s in the water! It’s the path toward a solution.

Get started with your water quality solution today! Call Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL to schedule water testing.

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