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Ways to Prevent Sewer Problems

Few hassles with your home’s plumbing are more potentially damaging than issues with the removal of sewage. The drains in your house all lead to a single sewer line that transports wastewater to the central sewer system that runs down the street. Damage to this pipe can cause sewage backup that will damage your home’s basement and/or foundations, create blocked sinks and toilets, and send noxious smells into your living spaces.

A plumber can fix your sewer troubles, but you can take steps to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. If you need help with your Orlando, FL sewer problems, or if you want assistance with keeping your drains and sewer line as healthy as possible, contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today.

3 tips for keeping away sewer repairs

  1. Avoid pouring “FOG” down your drains: What is “FOG”? It stands for “Fat, Oil, and Grease.” These three items are one of the major threats to sewer lines and drainpipes. People often think they aren’t harmful in liquid form and pour them doing kitchen drains or disposals. But each of these liquids will turn solid when they dry, forming a waxy thick substance will clog up entire sewage systems, creating blockage that no simple plunger can remove. Put “FOG” in another receptacle and remove it to the trash instead of putting it down your drains.
  2. Replace outdated sewer line piping: If you have an older home, you may have galvanized steel pipes for your sewer line. Steel is a durable metal, but it is also inflexible, and therefore more likely to break when put under pressure, and it suffers from corrosion over time. It is a good idea to replace old steel pipes with other materials, such as copper and PEX and CPVC. This will give your plumbing a much longer life.
  3. Schedule regular drain maintenance: If you arrange for a visit from a professional plumber once a year to check up on your drains and sewage system, you will have potential problems taken care off before they develop into actual problems. You should also consider thorough drain cleaning along with video inspections that will keep your drainage open and flowing.

However, you cannot avoid all problems with sewers, so if you find yourself up against an emergency, you can contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. 24 hours a day for the repairs for your Orlando, FL sewer that will fix the problem. If your plumbing currently seems to be working well, make sure you keep it that way with regular maintenance from our experience plumbers.

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