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What Should You Have Your Well Water Tested For?

running-faucetMany homeowners in our area choose to provide their home with well water. Well water is a great option, but it does put the responsibility of ensuring that your home’s water is safe in your own hands. This begs the question—what should you look out for? We’re here to cover this today.

We’re prepared to help you with your water testing in Orlando, FL. Today, we’re going to take some time to run through the basics with you. We want to take the time to talk about everything you need to know when it comes to well water. Our friendly technicians are helpful with this because we understand the more information you have about your home, the safer you are in your home.

Test For…

Here are the things you should test your well water for:

  • Total Coliforms: Coliforms are the bacteria found in the digestive system of warm-blooded animals, in soil, on plants, and in surface water. If the total coliform count is high in your water, then the chance that harmful germs, viruses, bacteria, and parasites are in your water as well.
  • Fecal Coliforms: Fecal coliforms are a specific type of total coliform. This coliform is found in the feces and digestive systems of humans and warm-blooded animals. Fecal coliforms can lead to e. coli which leads to larger hygiene problems.
  • pH: The pH of your water tells you how basic or acidic your wat r is. If your water’s pH is too low or too high, it could damage your pipes, your home’s appliances, and make you sick.
  • Nitrates: A high level of nitrates in your home’s water makes you sick. Nitrates in your water can come from a variety of things. A few of these things include animal waste, private septic systems, wastewater, flooded sewers, and more. We’re prepared to help you eliminate this problem no matter where it comes from.
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): VOCs are industrial and fuel-related chemicals. The VOCs that you need to test for depend on where you live. Common VOCs here in Orlando come from common things in your household like paint, cleaning supplies, carpets, wood flooring, and more.

Come to us when you want to get the process started with your home’s well water.

How Do Contaminants Even Get In There In the First Place?

Are you wondering how these problems even start in your home’s well water? We touched on a few things that can cause problems in the bullet points above, but there are a few more causes. They include:

  • Naturally occurring chemicals and minerals
  • Local land-use practices (what fertilizer do you use? Any pesticides? Do you have livestock?)
  • Manufacturing process
  • Sewer overflows
  • Malfunctioning water treatment systems

When Should You Test Your Water?

You don’t need to test your well water every day, but you do need to test it when:

  • You have known problems with your well water.
  • There’s been some sort of disturbance near your well.
  • You replace or repair any part of your well.
  • You notice a change in your water quality.

Our professionals can handle any of your needs.

Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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