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Why Does My Toilet Flush Twice?

toilet-with-button-flushYou go to flush your toilet and it flushes just fine… but then it flushes again. You noticed this happening a while ago and you thought it was odd, but you brushed it off because it seemed harmless. Now it’s been going on for a while and it’s creating a distinctive pit in your stomach every time it happens. You know this is a problem waiting to happen. Now, you might want to ask yourself the question: “What should I do?”

First, you should contact our team members for toilet repairs in Orlando, FL. We’re completely prepared to fix your odd toilet issue in no time. Today, let’s take some time to understand why this is happening.

The Backstory

To really understand why your toilet is flushing twice, you need to understand the basics of how a toilet operates.

The two main parts of your toilet are a bowl and a tank. When you go to flush your toilet, you push down the handle and the water that’s stored in the tank flows down into the bowl. This is the flush you’re used to seeing on your end. Once enough water flows into the bowl, the waste in your toilet and the wastewater ushering it down flush down into your home’s sewer line.

After the flush is complete, the fill valve in your toilet starts to refill the tank to the standard level. Then your toilet is back at square one and ready to be flushed again.

Why Your Toilet Is Flushing Twice

Understanding the way that your toilet works is essential, but you’re still going to need to understand why your toilet is flushing twice. Let’s get into this now. There are two main reasons why your toilet might do this.

Reason #1: Lightweight Toilet Flappers

The first problem that you might be experiencing is having a toilet flapper that’s too light.

Your toilet flapper is the door that opens to let the water in your tank move down into your toilet bowl. The flapper has a certain weight, so it closes at the appropriate time after you’ve flushed your toilet. If your flapper is too light, it won’t close fast enough after you flush your toilet.

On the inside, this looks like water continuing to enter the bowl even after your flush is over. On your end, this looks like your toilet flushing two times.

Reason #2: Too Much Water In Your Tank

You could also have the problem of having too much water in your tank. Too much water in the tank means that when you go to flush your toilet, there’s an overflow. The extra water continues to pour into the bowl and refills it quickly. This results in your toilet bowl flushing two times.

Trust Professionals for Toilet Repair

Don’t ignore your double flush! It might not be as dire as a toilet leak, but it’s terrible for your toilet efficiency. Help your home by relying on certified professionals to fix your home.

Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. for your toilet repair services in Orlando, FL.


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